Mood change

At the tap of a button

Mood change at the tap of a button

Mood change at the tap of a button

Music is the new frontier of self-care and wellbeing

MindHarp is a unique, music-led approach to wellbeing practice. It requires no musical knowledge of skill. For the first time, everyone can enjoy this extraordinary mode of experience.

It builds on scientific evidence exploring the power of music to enhance mood, lower levels of anxiety and stress and build motivation and self-esteem. 

mindharp for practitioners

Are you a mindfulness teacher or practitioner? Therapist? Do you work with young people?

MindHarp is the ONLY tool that gives you direct access to the powerful therepeautic benefits of engagement with music.

No knowledge, experience or skill with music is required.

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Music has extraordinary power to uplift our moods. Science has proven we are all wired up to benefit from the mood-changing effects music creates. 

And the more we engage with music, the greater the benefits.

MindHarp is designed to enable everyone to actively engage with music. It’s a fun and easy way to reactivate this powerful and under-used natural faculty we all possess. 

If you have an Apple iOS phone or iPad download now.

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