For our friends in Japan : Instructions for Share Music Day

For our Friends in Japan: Instructions for Share Music Day

Playing the MindHarp is a deeply rewarding activity. It requires no musical knowledge or skill. If you can tap your finger, you can play the MindHarp…

Well-being through music

What is MindHarp?

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MindHarp is a practice that uses an iOS based App. It allows anyone to immediately reap the benefits of actively engaging with musical sound.

Simply tapping any of the 8 coloured buttons triggers carefully designed and harmonised sounds.

These beautifully composed soundscapes, melodies and harmonies are carefully crafted to support and enhance well-being for people of all ages.

What makes it different?

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Unlike conventional music apps, MindHarp is designed specifically for those who have never made music.

MindHarp is intuitive and does not require any learning, practicing or musical background. It empowers engagement with musical sound without inhibition.

Playing MindHarp is an interactive and immersive experience for individuals, pairs or small groups.

mindharp benefits

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MindHarp is about finding calm, connection and relaxation though the power of musical sound.

It can be enjoyed simply with passive listening or more deeply with active and interactive play.

With multiple soundbanks all included, there is lots to explore.

MindHarp will take you on an exciting adventure into new and unexpected musical spaces. Each journey is supported with guidance and inspiration.

Education & Wellbeing

Fabienne Vailes

"I have worked with Stewart and Mark over the last year and have witnessed the immediate benefits of using the MindHarp® …I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Fabienne Vailes

Director - Flourishing Education - author of The Flourishing Student



Selina Ratcliffe

"Being a yoga teacher I have a real passion for wellbeing both on and off the yoga mat and Mindharp is an app that I could instantly engage with. I love the idea of being able to tap a few buttons and then be transported to a space where I can allow myself to be fully immersed in musical sound. The combination of the meditative soundscapes and collection of different soundbanks all fit perfectly together creating a totally relaxing and enjoyable body and mind experience.

The design of the App is perfect for me as it's not fussy or difficult to use, which means in no time at all and depending on my mood I can switch off from the outside world and immerse myself in the sounds of MindHarp. At the end of a 15 minute session I feel a similar level of relaxation that I get after a yoga class"

Selina Ratcliffe

Yoga Teacher


Music Therapy

Dr Janelle Junkin

"As a music therapist, I have found the MindHarp application to be highly useful and a wonderful tool in my work. The ability to integrate technology, particularly one that is interactive and colorful, has been so a wonderful addition to my interactions with my clients (especially in the virtual world). I hope that the field of music therapy will explore the uses of this tool in our work"

Dr Janelle Junkin

PhD, Music Therapist-BC


Business Owner & Mother

Una Lappin

"I just wanted to say thank you Mark and Stewart for creating the app, Mindharp. It helps me stop, breathe and reassess. The types of music are truly wonderful and to think they are all original - well done you guys! helps me keep all of the balls in the air, as a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, a writer and someone who works 9-5 Monday to helps me ground myself and breathe...thanks again, keep up the good work doing what you love!"

Una Lappin

International Humanitarian