news 3/07/20

AIR has arrived!

Welcome to MindHarp’s latest sound collection

  • The original inspiration for AIR came from our study and use of breathing in yoga. It is a deeply meditative (or musitative) soundbank.
  • An excellent and inspiring tool for deepening and focusing your mindful breathing.
  • ‘Elements’ Passive and Active Musitations take us on a reflective journey to help re-connect with the life-giving elements of our beautiful planet
  •  Experience it now with ‘Elements’ Passive Musitation

Update your MindHarp to start enjoying AIR


team tuning goes live

MindHarp’s Team Tuning program decodes and shares, with non-musicians, the emotional skills and team behaviors that professional musicians employ to deliver top performances.

Through highly engaging and stimulating workshops plus the hands-on application of their extraordinary invention, the MindHarp, they enable anyone to experience and put into practice these skills and behaviors. 

Most importantly, their goal is to facilitate lasting, sustainable change and improvement in those they work with.

We have team-up with Music2Meeting in New York. To find out more click here.

To read the fascinating backstory of how this all came about visit our latest blog TEAM TUNING.


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Important Information in advance of a ZOOM session

  • You will require a desktop or laptop computer. You do not have to have the ZOOM app installed but we recommend that you do for a better experience.
  • Have your iPhone or iPad charged
  • Ensure you have MindHarp installed on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad)
  • In ‘Settings’ on your iOS device please go to Display and Brightness and under the heading AUTO LOCK choose NEVER. This will ensure that the MindHarp is always immediately accessible throughout the Zoom session

A few important guidelines to improve your Workshop experience:

  • Participate in the Workshop through your computer, not your phone or iPad.
  • Have your iPhone or iPad at hand with the MindHarp App open
  • Plug in earbuds / headphones into your iPhone or iPad or connect to a speaker (e.g. Bluetooth)
  • Try not to use noise cancellation headphones, or if you have that function please disable, as this will make it difficult to hear the voice over coming from the Zoom meeting on your computer.
  • Lower the volume to zero on your iOS device, we will regulate the volume together within the session
  • Please find a quiet space for the session.
  • As you will be actively tapping buttons you will need to be sitting down in a comfortable  and quiet space