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The founders of MindHarp, Stewart Redpath and Mark Smulian, would like to invite interested individuals to become ‘testers’ for the latest version of MindHarp. As a Beta-Tester, we want you to enjoy and benefit from MindHarp and share your experience with us. Most importantly, your inputs will help us refine and improve what we do.

The latest version of MindHarp is now web-based, not (native) app based. This means that you can access MindHarp on any WiFi-connected device. MindHarp can be played on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So far, MindHarp has been available only to Apple iOS users (iPhone and iPad).

Click the button below and email us back to register your interest.

The New MindHarp
The new, web-based MindHarp introduces completely new content and incorporates the expertise of Dr Sandra McCutcheon, mindfulness practitioner, teacher and coach. It is easily accessible by tapping a weblink. There is no need to download apps or do anything technical.

What is MindHarp?
MindHarp is a music-based approach to wellbeing. We all recognise the positive mood-changing benefits music can have. Likewise, many have tried and benefited from practices such as meditation and mindfulness.

MindHarp brings these together in what we call Musitations. Musitations are rich, absorbing, relaxing and inspiring journeys that anyone can enjoy. They are guided by voice and led by musical sound. Each journey has a destination or intended outcome. Sometimes you immerse and listen and sometimes you are invited to participate. Participation means simply tapping buttons which trigger sounds. Should you wish, you can explore active MindHarp play in the Solo Play area at the end of every Musitation. You may want to by-pass the guided part of the Musitation and just actively play. Active play requires no musical knowledge or skill.

MindHarp is the first time that this powerful mode of experience, which is now understood and acknowledged to have a profound positive impact on wellbeing, has been coherently developed and packaged into an easy and accessible form of self-care practice.

What do we expect of Beta-Testers?
Once ‘signed-up’, you will receive a new Musitation one at a time via a weblink. Musitations are between 4-10 minutes in length. There are 2 parts to each Musitation: the guided part and the free play or solo play area. You will have unlimited access to each Musitation. We will send you one new Musitation at a time, every 7-14 days.

After you have had the time to experience and enjoy each Musitation we would expect you to complete a short on-line questionnaire (no more than 10 questions) for each Musitation. We may occasionally invite Beta-Testers to join a focus group discussion for additional feedback. All individual feedback will be treated with strict confidentiality and only used by the MindHarp team to improve our products. Testers can opt in or out at any time.

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