2 The Full Tour

A detailed look at all functions. Everything you need to know in less than 4 minutes

Setting Up

Once you have purchased and downloaded the MindHarp it will appear on your iPAD screen alongside your other applications. iPADs operate through touch-sensitive screens. All you have to do is touch the icon and it will open up the MindHarp.

The MindHarp is simple to use. It has two screens: the Settings Screen and the Player Screen. The opening screen is the Settings Screen. You navigate between the Settings screen and the Player Screen touching the small > (chevron) symbol on the bottom of the screen.


  • First, select the sounds you want to use in the session. These are selected by scrolling through the 3 LydianBanks of sounds which are called Stari Transition, Sighs Transition and Khaju Transition
    • What is a LydianBank? A LydianBank is a set of 8 sounds plus a background soundscape which we refer to as a LydianScape. When you select a LydianBank, the MindHarp automatically selects the associated LydianScape. A LydianScape is a background sound that plays continuously under the triggered sounds on the main Player Screen. You will only hear the MindHarp™ when you are on the Player Screen
    • Can I mix and match sounds? Yes. Because all 3 LydianBanks are harmonised you can explore and experiment using different sounds with each other. This expands the musical potential endlessly. You have complete freedom to mix any LydianBank and LydianScape.
  • In addition, you have the option to add an additional LydianScape by pressing the Play Additional Random LydianScape button
    • What happens when I select ‘Play additional random LydianScape’? This simply adds another LydianScape to the mix, enriching the soundscape created by the MindHarp

To exit the Settings Screen and enter the Player Screen press Play >. You can now start playing. As soon as you enter the Player Screen the MindHarp starts playing and you will hear the LydianScape. To return to the Settings Screen, press the > chevron symbol on the bottom left.

Adjusting Volumes:

  • By selecting ‘Show individual LydianBank volumes’ you will be presented on the Player Screen with individual volume controls for each triggered sound. Their default is set at full volume. They have been prefigured to be balanced between each other so in most circumstances you will not have to alter these.  However, you have the option to adjust the individual volumes of the triggered sounds on the Player Screen while playing.
    • If, for example, the room you are in or the speakers you are using over-emphasise or under-emphasise a particular sound then you can adjust the volumes accordingly
    • If there is a particular sound that a player does not like, then it can be lowered accordingly
    • Your volume settings will be saved when you turn off the Show individual LydianBank volumes button. They are reset to the default setting when a the iPAD or MindHarp App is relaunched

What are the small symbols at the bottom of the Settings Screen? 

i The round ‘play’ icon (left) is a link to the area on a our website called Facilitating MindHarp Activities. Here you will find many inspiring short videos and descriptions to help you get the most out of your MindHarp

ii The ‘letter’ icon (middle) will take you to our contact form so you can ask us any questions

iii The ‘home’ icon (right) will take you to our homepage where you can explore the many resources and articles on our site


Volume Control

  • By touching the speaker icon in the bottom right corner you will open the volume controls to adjust the LydianScape volume while playing. Sliding the control to hard left will silence the LydianScape
  • The Master Volume is the overall volume of all playing sounds. It operates the overall volume of your iPAD

To exit the volume controls, press the the X on the bottom right.

Playing the MindHarp

  • The Player Screen has 8 coloured and numbered touch pads or triggers. Each one of these will trigger a separate sound
  • You can tap as many touch pads as you like, when you like, individually or together
  • You can tap the touch pads multiple times (double tap)
  • The moving white line inside the touch pads represents the duration or length of the sound. The sounds have different durations. When the same touch pad is pressed multiple times, the white line will slow down until the duration of the last tap has completed its cycle
  • The A and  touch pads are not sounds but add ‘colour’ to the the playing sounds. They should be triggered after playing the other touch pads if you feel like changing the quality of the sounds



Getting Familiar with MindHarp Words

This sheet is your key to the specific phrases we use to help explain different functions and actions on the MindHarp 

1) Tap: To push (or ‘tap’) one of the coloured circles to generate a sound cycle or the push the A or B fun buttons. The iPad screen is very sensitive. To trigger sounds you just gently tap the button.

2) Double-Tap: To tap the the same coloured button again before the cycle of the sound is complete.

3) Multi-Tap: To tap two or more coloured buttons simultaneously or close together.

4) Continuous-Tap: Continuously tapping one button in a rhythmic pulse creating a drone like effect.

5) iPad/Master Volume: Found on the bottom left hand corner of the main screen, this controls the over all volume level of the iPad and the MindHarp sounds.

6) LydianScape volume: Found in the bottom right hand corner of the main screen, this controls the volume of the Lydianscape; the specific music backing track for the three banks of sounds. For some sessions this can be on or off, for some it is specifically off.

7) LydianBank: The 8 coloured buttons/

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