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Building the MindHarp® into Your Everyday Routine

Max the benefit of using the MindHarp

To extract maximum benefit from the MindHarp it is important to use it regularly. We recognise and appreciate that building it into your daily routines isn’t always easy. Fortunately, the MindHarp is small, portable and usable virtually anywhere. By simply having it out and at-hand, you will discover that it can be a primary activity or a secondary activity and there are many ways for the carer and the cared-for to enjoy it. There are 11 activity ideas in the Activity section of this website to start you off.

We are continually working on new facilitation ideas and helpful activities. If you like to be updated please subscribe to our Museletter and follow us on social media.

Bespoke In-House Training

We offer bespoke in house MindHarp training package for domestic carers and for teams of carers and care homes staff. If you or your team(s) would like a personal introduction to the MindHarp and further inspiration on how to engage with MindHarp

We can:

  • Set up a programme of training sessions for domestic and professional carers to suit your needs
  • Do ‘hands on’ sessions with you and your loved one or your clients and staff to enable them to experience and learn about facilitation techniques
  • Assist you to best utilise the technology you have available
  • Support you in tracking and monitoring case studies

scheduled Open Seminars /Demos

These are being set up – watch this space