welcome to the world of mindharp

Music has extraordinary power to uplift our moods. Science has proven we are all wired up to benefit from the mood-changing effects music creates. The more we engage with music, the greater the benefits.

MindHarp has been developed and designed to enable everyone to actively engage with music. It’s a fun and easy way to reactivate this powerful and under-used natural faculty we all possess.

how to access mindharp

If you can tap a button you can play MindHarp. In minutes you can be exploring and benefitting from the beautifully crafted sounds and Musitations on the app.

If you have an Apple iOS phone or iPad download now.

Discover Musitations

Musitations are the many different activities you can do, with or without the MindHarp app. They are an exciting, accessible and enjoyable route to mental and physical wellbeing.

Just listen & relax

You don’t need the MindHarp App to enjoy and benefit from MindHarp. We have a range of downloadable activities to bring a whole new dimension to your personal or professional wellbeing practice.

Musical Journeys

10 minute MindHarp musical journeys are a great way to switch off and transport yourself into new mental landscapes. The combination of guided voice and musical sounds from MindHarp are designed to inspire you. Put on your headphones and try the tasters…

MindHarp Backing Compositions

15 minute compositions by MindHarp founder Mark Smulian. These beautifully crafted tracks include the sounds from the MindHarp app plus many other elements. Perfect for:

Relaxing to

Working to

Arranging your own soundscapes

Accompanying your meditation, yoga or other wellness practices.

Voice Guided Breathing with MindHarp
Voice Guided Humming with MindHarp