1 Quick Start

A one minute tour to get you playing quickly. Ideal if you are comfortable with the technology.

After opening the MindHarp you will be presented with the ‘Settings Screen’. The left side of the screen is the Settings Screen and this is the active portion of the interface. The ‘Player Screen’ is visible to the right of the interface but this only becomes ‘active’ when you switch into the Player Screen by pressing Play > on the bottom right.

  1. Select which LydianBank of sounds to play by scrolling. There are 3 to choose from (they are called Stari Transition, Sighs Transition and Khaju Transition)
  2. The background soundscape is called a LydianScape. The MindHarp automatically preselects the matched LydianScape but you have complete freedom to override this and select the LydianScape of your choice. They all work together
  3. To exit and begin playing simply press Play > and you will be in the Player Screen

Make sure you connect to a Bluetooth speaker, headphones or external speaker system. You are ready to play.

For a deeper dive into the MindHarp please go to- The full tour


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