Revitalise – Deep Skies


Deep Skies features a beautifully crafted 15 minute composition based on the AIR MindHarp bank of sounds. It is ideal for simply helping you relax. As one of our listening collection it is an excellent accompaniment to your meditation, yoga or other wellness activities. Combine Deep Skies with other parts of the Revitalise collection and create your own sound cycles of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Download to your favourite player and play through headphones, an external bluetooth speaker or external stereo for maximum effect.

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Deep Skies features a beautifully crafted composition by MindHarp founder Mark Smulian. It is one of four 15 minute pieces created to enable you to immerse and relax in the magical sounds of MindHarp. If you are a wellness professional, these high quality compositions are perfect for creating soundscapes to help you and your clients relax and find calm.

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