Welcome to MindHarp.

MindHarp is for creative ‘me time’, using a medium that we all connect with: Music.

In the video you will learn how to navigate your way around the MindHarp App.  This video will also provide you with ideas on how to engage with, and enjoy MindHarp.

We recommend using headphones or earbuds with MindHarp. This way you can really enjoy the sounds you create to best effect. You will also benefit from stereo sound which enhances the musical experience. Alternatively, use an external speaker such as a bluetooth speaker or stereo system to boost the volume and improve the quality of sound.

Menu Screen

When you open the App you will be on the menu screen. Here you select the sounds you will be playing.  Each collection of sounds is called a MindHarp Bank. You can change a MindHarp Bank by scrolling through the menu. 

Below the MindHarp bank is the Musitations menu this contains the varied associated soundscapes that accompany the Mindharp Banks. 

Some Musitations are only music and some include Voice Over guidance.

Play Screen

After selecting your MindHarp Bank, tap ‘Play MindHarp’. This takes you to the Play area of MindHarp.

On the play screen there are 8 coloured and numbered buttons. Below these are 2 white buttons, A and B. When you TAP a coloured button, this triggers a carefully composed sound. Some are long, some are short. Some are melodic and some are more percussive or ambient in nature. The sounds in each bank are for you to discover, play with and explore. The white buttons affect the colour or timbre of the triggered sounds. They are ‘sound effects’. 

The drone-like sound you are hearing is the accompanying Musitation. You can control the volume of the Musitation in the Play screen with the slider at the bottom of the screen. If you slide it all the way to the left, this will silence the Musitation.

On the iPhone this volume always shows at the bottom of the play screen, on the iPad you need to show the volume slider by tapping the volume icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Sometimes it is pleasant just to listen to the music-only Musitations. They are great if you want to relax or meditate, do yoga or simply have calming sounds around you. 

Always remember, there is no right or wrong way to play MindHarp. Everything works, and everything you play is right.

Avoid interruption

So your play or Musitations are not interrupted, you can go into Settings on your device and then, in the Display and Brightness area, toggle Auto-Lock to ‘Never’. This stops your device from automatically switching off.

Now, let’s explore some different ways to play…

You may have noticed that a white circle follows the sound around the button. This tracks the duration or playing time of the tapped button.


You can tap more than one button at the same time. This is called ‘multi-tapping’. 


You can also tap the same button more than once while it is still playing. This creates overlaps of the same triggered sound. This is called ‘double-tapping’. When you do this, the white circle slows down. It follows the duration of the last tap and will complete its cycle when the last tapped sound finishes.

Expression Tools

Let’s return to the white buttons A and B. They do not trigger sounds, they affect the triggered sound. They are effects or expression tools. Try them when you are exploring MindHarp. Have fun and enjoy the sounds! 


Musitations are MindHarp musical journeys. MindHarp is about enabling anyone to make music. It also offers an excellent alternative, or addition to, traditional meditation or mindfulness practice, providing a more accessible and fun way to calm your mind, relax and re-calibrate.

Let’s go back to the menu screen. In the iPhone tap ‘Menu’. In the iPad tap the chevron at the bottom left of the screen.

This is where you select your Musitation

You can choose Passive, Active or Solo.

Passive Musitations are there to be enjoyed and listened to. They are immersive adventures in musical sound.

With Active Musitations you participate and play, but with the reassurance of an experienced guide to help you discover sounds, techniques and ways to interact with MindHarp.

A Solo Musitation is where you take yourself on your own musical journey and explore the sounds for yourself.

Enjoy. And remember, Let Music Lead