For MindHarp Play

For MindHarp Play

Here you will find the resources and ideas to inspire your engagement with MindHarp, the app and the practice.


Active Musitations are MindHarp activities in which you play or participate.

The App has 5 Active Musitations pre-installed.

Active Musitations also include activities that don’t require the MindHarp App. For example:

  • Breathing with MindHarp
  • Humming with MindHarp
  • If you don’t use or have access to iOS devices you can still benefit from Active MindHarp Musitations.

Passive Musitations are MindHarp activities in which you simply listen and enjoy.

The App has 5 Passive Musitations pre-installed. 

Passive Musitations include:

  • MindHarp compositions designed to help you relax
  • Musical Journeys with voice-over narratives to engage and inspire your imagination.
  • You don’t need an iOS device to benefit from Passive MindHarp Musitations.

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Ideas on how to mix Revitalise compositions with your active play for a new level of MindHarp experience