our manifesto

A New World of Wellbeing

MindHarp enhances a state of wellbeing. MindHarp enables active engagement with music and musical sound. This is an enjoyable and direct way for anyone to re-connect with their whole self: their head, heart, body and spirit.

All human beings are innately musical and because MindHarp play requires no technical musical skill or knowledge, the joy and wellbeing benefits this brings are available with ease for everyone.

With such a mindset, a state of wellbeing is not a temporary experience or fleeting respite from ‘everyday life’. From MindHarp play and practice comes a deeper recognition of what wellbeing means and feels like.

This, in time, builds up an outlook where everything we do is informed by a desire to increase wellbeing: for ourselves and those around us. Such a commitment to a MindHarp Mindset means better decisions and choices are made in all aspects of our lives, with better outcomes for ourselves, our loved ones and the world in general.

When we live our lives this way, our being can only be well.

The 3 Pillars of Wellbeing

Music is a wonderful medium to help us engage the mind whilst also bypassing the mind and connecting us to our feelings (heart) and instincts (body).

In MindHarp play 3 core elements of wellbeing are practiced:

The Enjoying Self – for enjoyment, imaginative immersion, stimulation of positive sensation and feeling

The Improving Self – for relaxation, meditation, health, energy, creativity and improvisation

The Sharing Self – for building connectedness and cohesion with others; high-functioning emotional skills & behaviours – The Harmonic Codes™