Let Music Lead #3

We all love music, maybe through music we can all learn to love one another.

Music is neutral, especially instrumental music.

Lyrics added to music are one of the bridges that connect music to the other art forms. Lyrics give us a story line, or a picture, in films the picture and music work together to add dimension to the film.
When music stands alone it is pure sound. You, the listener are both giver and receiver. Your body and brain are the bridge that connects the energy to your inner self.
It seems that the part of our brain that responds to music is part of our oldest brain-the Limbic system, Music is embedded deep, deep inside of us. It enables us to tap into another side of our emotions. Music is like a bypass, zipping around the congestion that so often seems to clutter up our mind, connecting itself directly to our inner self.

Music can show us a way to cure many of the difficulties we face on this fragile planet of ours.

Within music we see the behaviour of our planet in a form that is already resolved. Music as a science gracefully responds to the laws of physics, continuously rebuilding itself from within, like the building blocks, the atoms that build our universe. Unlike anger and fear, energy forces, that can lead to devastation, the energy of music leads to the coming together of people. Peoples and nations don’t go to war over music. There is a global consensus on music. It threatens no one.

The powerful energy that is music has been acknowledged for thousands of years all over this planet.

Music and sound have been used as a tool for healing and well-being for at least as long as history has been recorded, and most probably much longer. So why aren’t we incorporating it more systematically into the process of mutual understanding that we must achieve in order to survive together as a species on this planet?
The internet has shown how music crosses borders and is incorporated into new cultures seamlessly. It takes at most one generation to absorb foreign musical ideas into our musical lexicon and incorporate them in to that music that is familiar to us. Hip Hop in French, German, Arabic, Japanese…..world sounds mixed up with classical, Hollywood in Bollywood…where ever we look we see how music easily takes on new shape and form and merges to create yet more and more variations. Surely when we see how easily music is absorbed into cultures that are often inflexible in other ways and remember that music is simply another form of energy, it must be possible to work with music in a more focused, if you like, more scientific way to promote and build a more harmonious world.

Music after all is about many voices coming together to create one voice, a single event in time.

So I suggest that we let music lead. Let’s listen to the world around us from the same place that we hear music, deep down inside us, past the place where cognitive thinking displaces emotional impulse, where logic changes its shape and we respond from a place of imagination and intuition.


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‘…The hippocampus, which is a critical part of memory and learning in the brain, is a major part of musical effects on social engagement and attachment



‘…Pythagoras was the first person to prescribe music as medicine and modern science is also now confirming the healing powers of music and the benefits of sound therapy.