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MindHarp for carers

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12 activities developed and designed specifically for carers.

Each activity is supported by step-by-step written instructions in printable PDF format with linked videos showing the activity in action. All are tried and tested and incorporate different sensory, social, cognitive and physical activities. More than anything, MindHarp is fun for the carer and the cared-for!

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proven with carers

  • MindHarp engages the player physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Players and carers can lead, participate or follow.
  • Requires no musical background or ability
  • Suitable for usage by activity coordinators, music therapists and general carers.
  • Sessions can be relaxing, stimulating, sociable, immersive and often lead to all sorts of unexpected conversation, song and laughter

Activities Included:

Exploring & Changing Moods, Memory & Reflection, Feeling the Music, Singing & Humming, Mimicry & Movement, Associations with Sound, Burst of Sound, Stimulating New Patterns of Play, Social Interaction, Relaxation & Meditation, Tapping & Clapping, Create a Film Soundtrack

Founders Stewart Redpath and Mark Smulian worked directly with people living with dementia and their carers at the Peggy Dodd Day Care Centre in Bath over a 12 month period. This was such a successful and positive experience, they developed an extensive range of guidance and activities that are now available for carers in any setting.

It is currently used by progressive care homes and award-winning carers and activity coordinators.  In 2019, MindHarp was recognised in the UK’s National Dementia Care Awards.