Be a Musical Human Right Now

Try being a musical human right now…

Click this link and experience our simple, accessible web-based MindHarp. Open it in a separate window, switch off your email, social media and other potential distractions. Let’s go on a musical journey…

If you have earphones or decent earbuds, use them as the speakers on computers and mobile devices are not always great. Click the blue square ’Background’ button so you hear the cyclical ’backing track’ (or Musitation). If you are checking this out on a phone or tablet, you can ‘tap’ the coloured buttons just like the real MindHarp, with your fingers. If you are on a laptop or desktop you will be using a mouse or trackpad to trigger the sounds (unless you have a touch-sensitive screen).

Remember one very important fact. With MindHarp you cannot go wrong. You can’t play badly or play a wrong note. 

  • Click or tap the pink button ‘3’. Feel the blast of that angelic voice. Let it flow over you like a warm breeze.
  • Now try ‘6’. Listen carefully to how the sound swirls from ear to ear. 
  • Click or tap red button ’1’. Aha! a melody! 
  • Try this one again but click it twice in succession. Notice how the sound plays twice but staggered. Try controlling this. Pace or ’time’ your taps/clicks. Can you space them in a way that creates a satisfying musical feeling or outcome? Try and create overlapping textures or echoes. This is called ‘double-tapping’.
  • Let’s try something different. Listen to teal-coloured ‘7’. Again, another melody. Now listen to then blue button ‘4’. Get familiar with each…lovely, rich gentle unfolding melodies. Now play them together. If you are clicking there will be a short delay between triggering one sound and then the next. That doesn’t matter. These two work beautifully together whether tapped simultaneously or not. This is called ‘multi-tapping’.
  • I am sure you have guessed it by now…all the sounds are designed to work together. Now do something crazy and play ALL the buttons at once. You decide whether you pace them or go for it all together.
  • How was that? An explosion of sound?
  • Okay, let’s explore in some more detail the other individual sounds. Click or tap gold-coloured number ‘8’. It’s that angelic voice again, but this time higher. Like it? Can you hum that note? Try. Now try ‘3’ again. Is that easier to reach with your hum? 
  • Now before tapping or clicking ‘3’, take a deep breath. After triggering it, breathe out steadily (with or without the hum). MindHarp is great tool for practicing and lengthening your mindful breathing. If you hum with it you will effortlessly extend your out-breath and use nostril breathing which is better for you too. Try it using both ‘8’ and ‘3’.
  • Finally, click or tap green ‘2’. This sound is very atmospheric. Where does it take you? What images, places or spaces does it conjure up in your mind’s eye?

This gives you just a flavour of MindHarp and the many ways to approach it and enjoy it. Being a musical human is fun, not work or fear (….of ‘playing it wrong’). Try playing it without the ‘Backing’. Try different combinations of sounds. Play for the experience and the fun of it and focus your attention on the sounds. Keep it open in a separate window during your working day and when you are tired or fatigued with Zoom calls, emails, spreadsheets and powerpoint, refresh your inner musical human.

This simple web app is a very ‘stripped-down’ version of the real thing. It includes a small selection of sounds from the iOS app MindHarp – only 8 click-able sounds compared to the iOS version which has 5 banks, 40 individual triggered sounds, effects and 8 sample Musitations. Hopefully it gives you a flavour and please keep using it, exploring and experimenting with it.