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As a music therapist, I have found the MindHarp application to be highly useful and a wonderful tool in my work. The ability to integrate technology, particularly one that is interactive and colorful, has been so a wonderful addition to my interactions with my clients (especially in the virtual world). I hope that the field of music therapy will explore the uses of this tool in our work
Dr Janelle Junkin
Music Therapist
MindHarp helps me stop, breathe and reassess. The types of music are truly wonderful and to think they are all original helps me keep all of the balls in the air, as a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, a writer and someone who works 9-5 Monday to Friday...well done you guys!
Una Lappin
Founder of Unique Adventure Ltd
I have a demanding job and a busy social life. I am also a light sleeper. I've tried breathing and meditation to help calm my mind and it's never worked...The passive Musitation 'AIR' on the iPhone app is the only thing that gets me into the right mood-state for sleep - amazing!
Kieran Gilmour
Sales Manager
MindHarp is an app that I could instantly engage with...not fussy or difficult to use, which means in no time at all and depending on my mood I can switch off from the outside world and immerse myself in the sounds of MindHarp...after a 15 minute session I feel a similar level of relaxation that I get after a yoga class
Selina Ratcliffe
Yoga Teacher
As a long-term meditator, I find that the participation aspect of the MindHarp – and particularly the ‘active’ sound musitations – helps to focus my attention in an easy and soothing way
Sophie Williams
Founder of Sophie Williams Coaching
What a fantastic and unique app!...accessible even for people like me, a non-musician and with no musical has a naturally calming effect on my mind and body and hugely beneficial for people with anxiety, depression and feelings of stress and drops us into the here and now...I look forward to using it in my personal life as well as with clients
Kerry Munro
Mindfulness Teacher and Occupational Therapist

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