About the MindHarp

MindHarp® has been created by Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath. Their dream was to create a tool for all those people in the world who never believed they could make or play music, with the belief that this would lead to a healthier, happier, safer and gentler world.

Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath created the Mindharp to make it possible for anyone to make music.

Mark and Stewart believe very simply that ‘the more people who actively engage with music and sound, the better hope we have of creating a safer, gentler and healthier world for all’

For thousands of years mystics and spiritual leaders have understood that music has great healing powers, and Pythagorus was famous all over Greece, Egypt and Asia Minor as a healer through the power of healing sounds.

Today, science empirically proves that all those mystics were bang on.

Engaging in music, any kind of music is  really good for our mental and physical health. We are hard-wired to respond to music and we are all musical. It has nothing to do with being talented at playing or singing or performing. That is something else. To illustrate this point, we can all talk, but few of us are Shakespearian actors. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to run…but we are not Usain Bolt. 

Anyone can make music on the MindHarp and anyone can make music with other people on the MindHarp…and making music with other people is one of the greatest joys known to humankind.

Once upon a time everybody made music, it was an unremarkable event in the day-to-day lives of all the tribes on the savannah.

Mark Smulian

Mark Smulian is an award-winning composer, producer and performer with over 40 years experience as a professional musician.In 1998 he co-founded, with a Palestinian partner, the band ‘WhiteFlag’. The first Palestinian (from Gaza)-Israeli band in the world.

Creating and performing with WhiteFlag revolutionised his understanding of how powerful music is as a tool for peace building, social change and well-being. For more information on Mark please check out his website.

Mark Smulian

Co-Founder of MindHarp

stewart redpath

Stewart Redpath is a professional guitarist and composer as well as being a successful brand and marketing specialist. Music has been a central part of his life. 

When Stewart met Mark in 2014, some of the deeper and unanswered questions he had about the nature and power of music came into focus. This led to a joint exploration into this fascinating area, inspired by the wisdom and experience that Mark brought.

stewart redpath

Co-Founder of MindHarp

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