6 Mimicry and Movement

Music and movement are closely related. Some people will move naturally to the sounds of the MindHarp. They may express themselves, how they are feeling or what the sounds represent by moving their hands and arms. Sometimes they will use facial expressions. This often happens with the A and B pads which modulate or colour the sounds of the touch pads 1-8. Encourage this when you see it and have fun with this. As you see in this video the group were delighted to join in. The facilitator can lead and make it fun. We all have an intuitive sense of how to move to music.

session guidance


  • Fun using sound and movement
  • Using the white buttons ‘A’ and ‘B’


  • Choose the second LydianBank (‘Sighs’). Turn the LydianScape volume off. (slide the fader all the way to the left)
  • Tap the red button (‘1’) then immediately tap the ‘mini’ button ‘B’. Listen how the sound now modulates (a kind of ‘wobble’ sound). Enjoy the wobble!
  • Now Tap the red button (‘1’) + ‘mini’ button ‘A’. Listen how the sound now filters itself (a kind of ‘squeezing’ of the sound). Enjoy the squeeze!
  • Repeat both of the above and mimic the sounds with your hands and fingers. What movement does the sound suggest?
  • Now try and mimic the sounds with the shape of your mouth. What mouth shape does it suggest?
  • Try combinations of sounds: We suggest 5+A. Try 4+B also
  • Try different kinds of mimicry with other parts of your body like your head, shoulders, body, feet

Important! Please remember never to ‘force’ an activity. Be open to allowing the activity to evolve according your loved ones’ needs. Sometimes one activity will flow into another naturally