5 Singing & Humming

Taking people into a musical space can trigger musical responses. In MindHarp sessions it is common for people to sing or hum along or even sing harmonies. Sometimes people will recite songs in their entirety, often from their childhoods or youthful days. If you see this starting, encourage it. We have discovered some very musical people in our work at the Peggy Dodd Centre with talents that were dormant until triggered by the MindHarp. As you can see in the video one lady was delighted to sing for us in French, a whole aspect of earlier life that the Centre was unaware of.

session guidance


  • Using voice to accompany the MindHarp, engaging our innate musicality and re-energising ourselves


  • Select the second LydianBank (‘Sighs’), turn the LydianScape volume off (slide the Lydianscape volume all the way to the left)
  • Start with tapping buttons 1 and 2 together (‘multi-tap’). This creates a rich vocal harmony. Listen to the sound and with your own voice find a note that feels good (there are no wrong or right notes). With your loved one, either sing the note or hum the note, whatever you are comfortable with. Explore other two-note combinations
  • Try and hold the note until the white ring has completed its cycle
  • When exploring two note combinations try and sing or hum the two different notes together with the MindHarp
  • With this Session it is good to keep tapping the notes. (Double tap)…but remember to pause and breath!
  • Try including buttons ‘A’ and ‘B’ and try and follow how the shape changes with your mouth. Have fun!

Important! Please remember never to ‘force’ an activity. Be open to allowing the activity to evolve according your loved ones’ needs. Sometimes one activity will flow into another naturally