4 Feeling the Music – Single Play

The MindHarp is also a solo activity. One player can enter the world of musical sound on their own and dive deep without any facilitation. Ask the player to put their hand on top of the speaker. The sound vibrations going through the body creates a lovely feeling and relaxes the player. Sound is heard not only through our ears but also through other parts of the body.

session guidance


  • Experience the sensory pleasure of actually feeling the sound through the bluetooth speaker


  • Choose any LydianBank. Have the LydianScape on or off
  • Ask your loved one to put their fingers over (and in contact with) the speaker. This is usually the ‘grill’ part of the bluetooth speaker
  • Tap one sound at a time. Allow your loved one to experience the vibrations. Play different variations and combinations
  • It is also possible to feel the sounds through a table top
  • If you have a bluetooth speaker with two speakers (like the JBL Flip models, for example), both of you can place your fingers over the speakers
  • If you have a bluetooth speaker with a single speaker you can place your hand over your loved ones hand and both feel the vibration/sound in your bodies

Important! Please remember never to ‘force’ an activity. Be open to allowing the activity to evolve according your loved ones’ needs. Sometimes one activity will flow into another naturally