2 Manage and Encourage Changes of Mood

Sometimes it’s nice for everyone to fall quiet and simply enjoy listening. You may notice how changes in mood are reflected in facial expression and body language. One of the key benefits of MindHarp is that, because it is proactive, it brings players into the present moment. It requires ‘in-the-now’ attention. This can be helpful to bring people out of a low mood or negative mental place. Working with MindHarp brings you right back into the ‘now’.

Session Guidance


  • Exploring moods and changing moods
  • Reduce stress or anxiety when it is present and/or lift the mood


  • Choose any LydianBank (Stari, Sighs, Khaju) allow the  LydianScape to play at a comfortable volume
  • Ask your loved one how they are feeling. Share with them how you are feeling
  • Now work through the different sounds on the bank you are on by tapping the coloured buttons
  • Ask your loved one if any of the sounds reflects how they are feeling. You do the same. Find the sound that reflects how you are feeling
  • You may want to change the LydianBank and explore different sounds. Find a sound your loved one really likes or is interested in. Focus on this. If you or your loved one started the session in a low or agitated mood, hopefully this can change-up the mood
  • When you have found a sound play it, turn it up or down on the volume, talk about it, laugh about it!

Important! Please remember never to ‘force’ an activity. Be open to allowing the activity to evolve according your loved ones’ needs. Sometimes one activity will flow into another naturally.