13 Create a Film Sound Track

The magical sounds of the MindHarp are very atmospheric. As something a little different you can play along to movies or documentaries (…with the sound turned down!). It’s absorbing in a whole new way and you will discover how much fun it is. Visit our You Tube channel for some nature films to play along to or play over your favourite nature documentary or movie.

session guidance


  • Using visual stimuli with the MindHarp to create a relaxing immersive experience


  • Select the third LydianBank (‘Khaju’), with the LydianScape on.
  • Using a computer or smart TV connected to the internet, select one of the available nature films specially created by MindHarp. Find these at mindharp.world.
  • Ensure you and your loved one are comfortable and have a good sound set up and a good view of the screen. Think of it as settling down to watch a film on the sofa or in the cinema!
  • While watching the film, now and again ask your loved one to tap a button. There might be a sound that feels particularly well-matched to the scenes you are watching. Enjoy this! You are writing the soundtrack as it plays!
  • Explore all the buttons in Khaju.
  • Maybe you have your own favourite nature programmes like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth or Blue Planet. Put them on, turn the sound down on the computer or TV and play Khaju (or any of the LydianBanks)

Important! Please remember never to ‘force’ an activity. Be open to allowing the activity to evolve according your loved ones’ needs. Sometimes one activity will flow into another naturally.