12 Tapping & Clapping

Rhythm is something we all respond to. The MindHarp contains rhythmical sounds which are also reminiscent of environmental sounds. You can use these to clap or tap rhythms as well as use them for association wordplay.

session guidance


  • Exploring pulse and rhythm with the MindHarp and engaging our innate musicality while re-energising ourselves.


  • Select the first LydianBank (‘Stari’), with the LydianScape on.
  • Start by tapping button ‘8’. With your loved one listen and become familiar with ‘8’. What does it remind you of?
  • Alongside the ‘clip-clop’ sounds you will hear something that sounds like a tambourine. Encourage your loved one to clap or tap with the tambourine. There are 3 claps or taps in one cycle.
  • Continue and try to keep the session going by tapping ‘8’ at the end of each cycle. Allow the rhythm to lead you…there is no right or wrong.
  • Now try and replicate the ‘clip-clop’ sounds on ‘8’.
  • Push button ‘7’. In each cycle there are 4 beats. Clap or tap in time with these 4 beats.
  • If you are enjoying this and want to try something more challenging then push ‘6’. There are 24 beats in this cycle! See if you can keep up. You can also just clap every few beats,
  • Once you have a got a rhythm going together, clap or tap louder then softer…experiment and have fun.

Important! Please remember never to ‘force’ an activity. Be open to allowing the activity to evolve according your loved ones’ needs. Sometimes one activity will flow into another naturally.